Assessment techniques in higher education are ripe for innovation

Assessment techniques in higher education are ripe for innovation, having not changed much in the past hundred years. As students pay more for their education they are going to want much clearer evidence of what they have achieved.

An article published this week in The Australian’s Higher Education supplement supports this view.


Listen up Mr Abbott and Mr Obama!

This recent article in the Times Higher Education Supplement is very supportive of our mission at Acavista. It mentions how new teaching and learning innovations offer the possibility to help resolve the challenges that are confronting the higher education sector globally, as well as catering to students needs for flexibility. It quite rightly points out that the debate is stymied by how much higher education should cost, who should bear the cost, and how those costs should be managed. Of course, they are important issues, but as the author indicates, we need to think beyond the limits of traditional learning.