Front-end Web Developer (ReactJS and associated technologies)

We are looking for a remote worker for ongoing work (20-30 hours per weekly iteration).  You must have great skills, be fast working, and be able to start immediately.

In particular, you should feel competent and have knowledge, experience and skill in most (if not all) of the following technologies:

  • ReactJS
  • Webpack
  • CSS Modules and/or Styled Components
  • Relay (Client Side) or Apollo
  • Redux
  • CSS / HTML

Although we are not looking for a graphic designer, it would be fantastic if you have some skills with colours and processing of stock images etc.

It’s a great opportunity!

Description of Role (with Basic Activities)

We are looking for a highly competent individual who is motivated by a challenge and keen to lead the front-end development of this Web-based service using the latest Web technologies.

Our focus is on iterating the Lean Startup build-measure-learn loop as fast as possible to search for a scalable, repeatable and financially viable business model.

The right person will be given autonomy in achieving this vision, expected to know and master leading-edge development technologies, and help us reinvent higher education.

They will work with the founders and other staff to design the user experience and develop the client-side single-paged applications using an agile-approach to software development.

About Us

HEDventures is an early stage startup company in the higher education space. We are currently developing a service that will meet the needs of experienced learners, who we know are dissatisfied with the current higher education system. We aim to solve this problem by delivering the flexibility, choice and industry-ready skills they tell us they need.

We are reinventing higher education for experienced learners by unbundling the teaching and learning.  We aim to be the first (and last) truly global university.

Further information about the business can be found here:


React.JS, HTML, CSS, SCSS, Flux, Reflux, Relay, GraphQL, Javascript, Git, Foundation for Apps, Agile Software Development, Lean Startup.


Essential Criteria

It is critical that the individual is self-motivated, can work independently and remotely, is highly productive, is keen to learn and can learn exceptionally fast, and high integrity.

It is essential that the candidate has demonstrated knowledge and skills with experience in:

  1. Facebook’s React.JS and associated technologies (e.g. Flux, Reflux),
  2. HTML, CSS (including SCSS), Javascript and associated technologies,
  3. modern single-page applications Web application (SPA) development,
  4. modern software development technologies (e.g. Git),
  5. modern software development approaches (e.g. agile and continuous integration), and
  6. good written and oral English communication skills.

The successful applicant must be reliable and trustworthy, and communicate frequently, openly and honestly about the work they have done and are doing and their context.



Desirable Criteria

It is desirable that the individual has:

  1. successfully completed a technical computer science or computing degree (three or four years) at an established institution,
  2. demonstrated knowledge and skills with experience in the use of Zurb Foundation for Apps (or Sites) or similar CSS frameworks (like Twitter’s Bootstrap),
  3. the ability to use and contribute to the React-Foundation-App project on Github:
  4. some graphic design knowledge and skills with experience (although significant graphic design work will be outsourced as needed).

The successful applicant will be working remotely but will be available for daily interactions with the other team members and a weekly Skype discussion.


Application and Compensation

Please apply by email  to:

[email protected]

and explain : 1) why you would be best for this role, and 2) why you are keen to take on this role, and include a current CV with at least two referees (with contact details).

Please also connect on LinkedIn with:

Ashley Aitken (CEO and Co-Founder)

Shortlisted applicants may be required to undergo testing and/or to complete a sample development task in real-time for which they will be remunerated.

Compensation will be a flat-rate per iteration of approximately 20-30 hours work per week and paid fortnightly directly to the individual’s bank account.


No Agencies

We are going to hire individuals directly and do not want to work through an agency or development companies.  Please do not contact us if you are an agency or a development company.  Individuals only!



To the best of our ability the information provided here is correct but no guarantee is given. HEDventures also reserves the right not to appoint any of the applicants and to change the requirements.